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Jan 07, A tree that grabs your attention, the northern catalpa is a large tree with white, showy (and fragrant) flowers, massive heart-shaped leaves, and dangling bean-like seed pods (which persist through the winter) atop a twisting trunk and branches.

Other common names for this tree include hardy or western catalpa, cigar tree, catawba, Indian bean tree, and caterpillar bushfalling.clubcal Name: Catalpa speciosa. Description. Catalpa speciosa, otherwise known as Northern Catalpa is a medium to large sized deciduous tree with showy white flowers that have bright yellow stamen and purple patters on the inside of the flower. They flower in late spring to early bushfalling.clubg: Cedar Bluff.

Leaves may be deformed or curled. Spray as needed with a powdery mildew control fungicide. Trunk Rots (fungi – Collybia velutipes, Polyporus versicolor, and Polyporus catalpae): These tree fungi are heartwood rotters of catalpa that enter through wounds. Avoid wounding and keep the tree in good condition by fertilizing and bushfalling.clubg: Cedar Bluff.

Jun 27, Catalpas are also deciduous trees, meaning they shed their leaves annually- usually in the fall or after the first frost. During this time, they also shed their long seed pods and flowers, which can deter some people from growing the tree. The catalpa tree is an ornamental shade tree. Quick Facts About Catalpa TreesAuthor: Ron Noble.

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