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If you top the oak tree other branches will try.

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Jan 02, In most cases, the best time to prune oak trees is November 1 to March That’s because sap beetles, insects that spread oak wilt, are active from April to August. These beetles sniff out the sweet smell of the oak wilt fungus on infected trees, feed on the fungus and then spread it to healthy oak trees that have fresh pruning cuts.

Pruning must be done when the fungus is inactive. Initially pathologists and professional arborists told us that we should prune between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day – a rather unusual way of measuring time. Later that was expanded to say that we could prune once the fungal mats became inactive in mid-summer’s really hot weather and all the way through fall and bushfalling.clubted Reading Time: 2 mins.

Oak trees are best trimmed in the winter between November and March. Oak trees are dormant in winter and are less likely to be negatively affected by pruning when in winter dormancy. That being said, branches which are dead, damaged, or diseased should be Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins. Jul 06, The blanket recommendation from Texas A&M Forest Service is to not prune Oak trees in the Spring months (mid February - early June) due to the chance of Oak Wilt spread.

Instead, they recommend pruning oak trees July through mid-February. There are instances, however, when pruning oak trees during oak wilt season is worth the bushfalling.clubted Reading Time: 4 mins.

Jun 22, So, we typically stop pruning oaks in early February and wait until July to start back up. Occasionally, there will be a situation where we have to do some emergency pruning on an oak tree during spring. In those situations we take special precautions to cut down on the chances of spreading the oak wilt infection. Nov 26, Oak trees 3 years or older can be trimmed to a certain shape, but you must only remove branches that are growing towards the center of the tree.

You should also be aware of any branches that rub against each other, as rubbing can create wounds on the tree that expose it to disease. 4. Hire an Expert Tree Trimming Company. Sep 21, Pruning promotes tree health and allows gardeners to shape and control the size of the tree. Red oaks (Quercus rubra) is not hard to prune when young, but mature trees can reach up to 90 feet, so those with tall red oaks should consider hiring a tree trimming service to reach the tall limbs.

The winter is the best time to prune trees.

Red oaks feature reddish. This will really depend on when you are asking the question. The reason it is best to prune your oak tree in the winter months is because of a disease that gets spread to live tissue in the summer months. Oak Wilt is a disease fungus that is spread by insects which. Jun 16, Trim oak trees between January and March so they can heal quickly in the spring.

When you’re preparing to trim the tree, soak your clippers and saw in 9 parts water and 1 part bleach and let them air dry. Then, choose one strong, vertical branch to be the K.

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